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Bargains to Die For, a Hollis Brannigan mystery

Hollis Brannigan, personal shopper at a prestigious Los Angeles concierge service, is assigned to D-list clients, but has her sights set on a position in the company’s investigations department. To hone her investigative skills, she takes on discreet investigations for fellow employees—as long as upper management doesn’t find out what she’s up to.

Hollis becomes embroiled in a murder when she discovers a young woman on the floor of an exclusive L.A. shop, draped in designer gowns. When Hollis rushes to give aid, another woman shows up and snaps her picture, declaring Hollis is the murderer.

While trying to keep her clients happy, keep her job, and prove her innocence, Hollis takes on a case investigating a cheating boyfriend whose mysterious midnight trips all over Southern California confound her. She finally gets a lead on her sister who vanished without a trace, but fears she’ll disappear again before Hollis can get to her.

Now shopping for a killer in L.A.’s most exclusive stores and luxury shops, Hollis discovers revenge, deceit, and ambition turned deadly. A cunning murderer lurks nearby plotting another crime—this time against Hollis.

She soon learns that pursuing a murderer and discovering the truth about her sister aren’t what she bargained for!

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Seams Like Murder, the first book in the Sewing Studio Mystery Series

Abbey Chandler needs a fresh start and an escape from her big-city job, so quaint, quiet Hideaway Grove, where she spent her childhood summers, seems like the perfect choice.

She barely arrives when the town is stunned by the murder of the spinster librarian. The librarian? Abbey left the chaotic, dangerous city for this?

When Abbey falls under suspicion and her car is seized, she occupies herself by setting up a sewing studio in the back of her aunt’s bakery, and attempts to make pillowcase dresses for charity.

But with the sheriff making little progress in the case, Abbey realizes she must investigate the murder herself. As she stitches clues together, a pattern develops and the truth begins to unspool. She’s got a notion about who’s guilty.

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Shop Til You Drop Dead, a Hollis Brannigan mystery

Hollis Brannigan, newly arrived in Los Angeles, left Kansas for the bright lights of Tinseltown—but working as a personal shopper for a prestigious concierge service isn’t a job she ever wanted. Life only gets worse when she’s assigned to D-list clients: Fading Hollywood stars, aging industry insiders, new clients with no name value, and most any nut case who stumbles into the office with money to pay their outrageous fee.

But Hollis doesn’t intend to spend her days making other people’s dreams come true. She’s focused on getting a position in the investigations department.

She gets a chance to prove herself by posing as an investigator for a missing dog case—but when she arrives at a stately Hancock Park mansion, she learns there’s no missing dog. Instead, she’s shown a secret room, a handgun, a vintage Louis Vuitton suitcase stuffed with cash, and is told she has to find a killer.

Now shopping for a murderer among L.A.’s exclusive shops and luxury boutiques, Hollis discovers scandals, lies, broken dreams, and enough old secrets to fill a Black Friday shopping bag. But suspects and evidence are as rare as a Rodeo Drive discount outlet, and a cunning killer may be much closer than she thinks.

Somehow, she must find the murderer before her shopping days—and maybe her life—are over!

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Evening Bags and Executions, a Haley Randolph mystery

Fashionista and part-time sleuth Haley Randolph has landed her ticket to ride: a job planning events for big-deal Hollywood clients. But her nasty new boss sets her up for disaster by assigning her a hugely complicated Beatles-themed bash. On her way to check out the party's custom yellow submarine cake, Haley finds the baker lying in a pool of blood--here, there and everywhere! And of course the police are eyeing her as the murderer. . .

With a suspect list that leads down a very long and winding road, Haley will be working at least eight days a week to keep herself out of those awful blue prison outfits--while tracking down the season's hottest bag: the Enchantress. But a cunning killer may be much closer than she thinks!