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A novella in the Dana Mackenzie series
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Dana Mackenzie gladly helps out when best friend Jillian Brown calls at 3 a.m. after she wakes up alone and finds herself stranded at her date’s house. But when Dana arrives at the home of Brett Sinclair she discovers more than a distraught friend—there’s also a dead body in the kitchen.

Jillian becomes a suspect in the murder and Dana is determined to prove her innocence. Forced to turn to homicide detective Nick Travis for inside information, Dana realizes that his reluctance to commit to their relationship has reached the breaking point. She makes plans to leave Santa Flores for good.

But first she must find a killer. Her investigation uncovers disturbing information about the victim’s secret life and shady business deals. Dana knows she’s close to discovering the truth when she finds herself targeted by the murderer.

Will she catch the killer before it’s too late? Will she walk away and never see Nick again—and if she does, will it be another bad choice?

Bonus content! Excerpts from Fanny Packs and Foul Play in the Haley Randolph series, and The One Month Marriage, an historical romance written under Dorothy’s pen name Judith Stacy, are included.

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Coming September 29, 2015
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Haley Randolph’s dream is about to come true—quitting her sales clerk job at Holt’s Department Store. All she has to do is qualify for full-time benefits at her event-planning gig at L.A. Affairs by acing the upcoming performance review. For that to happen, she must make sure absolutely nothing goes wrong with the star studded 50th anniversary gala she’s planning for Hollywood Haven, the retirement home for Tinsel town’s most beloved entertainers.

But when Haley finds Derrick Ellery, the home’s assistant director, murdered in his office, she sees her hope of keeping her job—not to mention the dream of owning a Sassy, the season’s hottest handbag—vanishing before her eyes.

To make matters worse, Haley’s ex-boyfriend Ty is a suspect in a different murder. She’s sure he’s innocent—but can she prove it?

Solving two murders while planning the perfect party—and keeping her sights on a Sassy—won’t be easy, especially now that there’s more than one killer ready to select Haley’s final outfit!

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Swag Bags and Swindlers

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