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When the Holt’s Department Store corporation acquires a high-end boutique and extends a juicy discount to employees, sales clerk Haley Randolph—a fashionista obsessed with designer handbags—will do anything to keep the part-time gig and clinch a Mystique, the season’s absolute must-have clutch, at a heart-stopping price.

Haley takes on the extra duty of conducting the new-hire orientation. But when she discovers former employee Asha McLean shot dead behind the store, it turns out there’s more to die for than hot designer deals. The negative publicity could force Holt’s to close its doors permanently, sinking the surrounding shopping center—plus Haley’s job and her fabulous employee discount at the boutique—into oblivion.

Haley can’t fathom why anyone would harm Asha—until she learns her former coworker was seriously shady. She soon discovers that Asha’s secret life earned her not only lots of cash, but plenty of mortal enemies.

As authorities question her innocence and business at the Holt’s shopping center wanes, Haley is desperate to find the murderer—and get her hands on a Mystique before it’s too late!

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Fashionista and event planner Haley Randolph is staging the North Hollywood Art’s District fashion crawl, and everything looks flawless—until one of the models is pushed to her death down a flight of stairs!

With celebrities, VIPs, and the fashion world’s most celebrated clothing designers expected to attend, Haley fears the bad publicity could crush the crawl. To save the event, Haley investigates—and she knows she can't be fashionably late finding the killer.

Soon she uncovers rivalry, deception, and misplaced loyalty among the models. Plus, everyone at the agency harbors secrets of their own.

In the middle of this, Haley also has to plan for a family wedding and knows she’ll never measure up to her overachieving cousins—unless she shows up with the Domino, an exquisite artisan handbag made specifically for her. Problem is, the waiting list is months long.

Haley must find a killer and get that handbag— before time runs out!

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